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Bryan Acheampong must be honored; he is a workaholic politician–K-Lover writes

Kumi Kasa



Bryan Acheampong must be honored; he is a workaholic politician – K-Lover writes

Some politicians normally give excuses to their constituents of not having received their MPs common fund when they (constituents) need infrastructure development urgently.

Sometimes they expect their constituents to praise them when they establish few projects with their common fund.

In the absence of MPs common fund, residents usually lack better school building, quality water supply, roads, electrification project, jobs and other social interventions.

Some MPs play no important role in the lives of their constituents after they are elected to champion the constituency.

I am surprise to experience what a politician in my area is doing in his constituency; yes I just can’t believe my eyes. Sometimes I ask myself is it because he is rich enough… but the answer is no, why? Should it take one to be rich before organizing a quiz competition to enhance educational structure in a particular area? He has a positive mindset for his people. I haven’t started yet.

The Member of Parliament for Abetifi Constituency Mr. Bryan Acheampong must be celebrated for the massive service he is rendering to residents in his area. The MP who doubles as the Minister of State in charge of National Security is indeed saving lives.

After the demise of Mr. Peter Wiafe Peprah who was the MP for the area two (2) yrs ago, I remember the key promises he (Mr. Acheampong) made should he be elected as the Hon MP for Abetifi Constituency.

The only Politician of our time who was confident to assure he would never use his salary for his personal agenda but rather spend on his constituency. That tells you he came into the game not to make money but needed the power to make things easy.

In order to be able to fulfill his promises, he established Bryan Acheampong Foundation, a Non-Governmental organization on 5
June, 2017 as a vehicle to drive all his Development initiatives in the Kwahu East District of Eastern Region.
The goal of the foundation is to influence and support the constituency development priorities; facilitate partnerships and ensure equitable distribution of resources to achieve sustainable and optimal development.
The foundation has eight (8) different programs which include the following:

1. Economic Empowerment

The Economic Empowerment program seeks to give a group of people the means to take control of their own economic destiny. This is targeted at the powerless in society, people who have had little control of their economic destinies such as women, youth and the physically challenged.

Economic empowerment therefore seeks to promote sustained economic growth, productive employment and decent work for all in Kwahu East district.

ii. Health

To ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages in the Kwahu East district.

iii. Social Services

To provide safety net measures to reduce inequality amongst the people in Kwahu East.

iv. Education

BAF Education program seek to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all in Kwahu East

v. Agriculture

To take advantage of the climate, vegetation and soils to produce crops and livestock that would improve food security, markets accessibility and create jobs to improve the socio-economic well-being of the people in the district.

vi. Housing and Infrastructure

To build resilient infrastructure to support socio-economic development in Kwahu East District

vii. Water and Sanitation

To ensure availability and sustainable management of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene services for all in Kwahu East.

Vii. Sports

To promotes sports as catalyst for wellness and socio-economic development of the people in Kwahu East.
Now, Agoo fm news checks indicate all these programs are servicing the people in the area. I want to use this opportunity to brief you few of the things the foundation has offered and still offering so I will begin with Health.


Do you know, BAF led by the Director of Development Eric Nyarko has commissioned a renovated Community Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) compound for the chiefs and people of Onyemso community in the Kwahu East district?
The facility which was renovated at a cost of thousands of cedis will provide accessible health care to more than 2,000 people in the community and its neighboring environs.

Do you know, BAF has also trained community health nurses in midwifery assistance, registered 1000 people unto the National Health Insurance Scheme and conducted school health education and a host of other health projects underway?

It’s unbelievable to witness the number of support this foundation has given in terms of education in the area but I want begin with a quiz competition as stated in my 5 paragraph although I cannot be able to write them all.
To help improve the standard of education, the Foundation organized inter-school quiz competition for basic schools in the Kwahu East District seeing St Peters JHS adjourned the winner.

Pupils were quizzed on varied subjects, including questions from science, English, social studies, ICT and WaSH.
Moreover , during my first day at school this year, fourteen thousand one hundred and twenty six pupils from 115 basic schools in Kwahu East were given free uniforms from the Foundation as part of the Bryan Acheampong School Project initiative (BASP) during ‘a school ceremony organized by the Ghana Education Service.

Currently, the Foundation is renovating the Nkwatia Seventh Day Adventist Primary school block. The dilapidated 6 unit Classroom block according to the Director of Development will be furnished by close of second quarter.

Economic Empowerment

The Economic Empowerment programme under Bryan Acheampong Foundation has issued an amount of eighty five thousand, eight hundred and forty Ghana cedis (GHC85, 840.00) to register 300 taxi drivers in the Kwahu East District.

Out of the three hundred drivers, 100 renewal replacement and 200 New licenses have been issued..


In the first quarter of 2018, the foundation has supported thousand farmers with a total of fifty thousand Ghana cedis (GHC50,000) to step up production of maize in demonstration farms.

The farmers comprising women and men established ten maize demonstration farms at Nteso, Ankoma, Hwehwe, Aduamoa, Nkwatia, Yaw Tenkorang, Tafo, suminakese, Abetifi all in Kwahu East District.

Apart from maize production, farmers were also assisted with improved seed, organic fertilizer, and ploughing methods.

Also to make farming easy and support commercial farming, the Bryan Acheampong Foundation (BAF) is operating free services for all farmers in Kwahu East.
So far, more than 500 acres of farmlands have been ploughed. The $50,000 tractors have started operations in about 20 communities so far.

Moreover, Over 315 people in Kwahu East District have been trained in animal husbandry and modern agricultural practices by the Bryan Acheampong Foundation.

Water and Sanitation

I have once toured almost all the five (5) MDCEs in Kwahu over the state of water crisis in each district and what I experienced was an eye saw.

Water is one of the major problems confronting the people of Kwahu. (Afram Plains South & North: residents share river with cattle), Kwahu East: residents walk for a long distance, some travel to other communities in search of water), Kwahu South: the only stream in the community usually looks like gutter to visitors during harmattan but its serve as the only source of water to residents in the area, Obo to be precise.

For what I experienced during my tour in the various districts, I always comment Mr. Bryan Acheampong for his effort to address water challenges in Kwahu starting from Kwahu East.
Currently there are several water projects ongoing in the various areas that tells you the kind of MP we have in Abetifi; he cares for his people unlike others I fear not to mention but they know themselves.

Social Services

I had wanted to list the entire various development projects under the eight programs but I would liked to end here.
One of the most unbelievable services the MP through his foundation rendering to the people in the area is a four (4) thrift shops opened to purposely assist the very older people.

Information gathered indicates that , more than a thousand elderly people in the district will shop for free. The shops are located in 4 selected communities – Hweehwe, Sempoa, Nkwatia and Kwahu Tafo that will serve all beneficiaries across the district.
According to M.r Eric Nyarko, the program is targeting poor elderly persons 65 years and above. They will shop for cloths, groceries, toiletries, scarf and handkerchiefs amongst others.
So I ask, does he (Mr. Bryan Acheampong) not deserve to be celebrated??? Bryan Acheampong must be celebrated and commended for his service.

Bryan Acheampong must be celebrated… he deserves to be celebrated by the state, region and the district. We must hail him for his effort to develop Kwahu East.


Written by: Ebenezer Kojo Nyavor (K-Lover), journalist at Nkawkaw Kwahu, Eastern Region