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Cephas Sundayman Talks About His Upcoming Ep Album

A Ghanaian Afro beat artist cephas sundayman set working on his first ep album, from the beginning of the year and today he is here to tell us about his newDays ep..
Interview With Sarah @ Rn Studio [East Legon]

Sarah: you welcome

Cephas: thank you very much

Sarah: we’ve not heard from you for a while now if I may say for about two years now,where have you been

Cephas: Thank you, well Ive being around working,well its quite a long story after releasing my first commercial song wojo under Ekamz entertainment But now am back,hehehehe yeah back for good and good songs for my fans…

Sarah: its good to be back,we’ve miss you tho,Now tell us about your new project

Cephas: my ep

Sarah: yes can you tell us about it how many songs do you have on and what inspires you to bring out ep and what where the challenges you faced.

Cephas :Thank you,the title of this project is
NewDays , everything started at the beginning of this year,you know everything I do I plan before doing it so I have it in mind for a long time ago I was just waiting for the right and the perfect time to bring it on board.

The whole album is made up of six tracks and trust me thus the best ep ever you will always like to listen.
Now I have on it
1: newDays produce by Dolos from USA.
2: pray
3: shu_pe_ru
4: blessings
produced by Wayney from Nigeria
5: my sin
Produced by crespin beat from Nigeria
6: warrior produced by ocee beat.
Ocee is the official producer who mix and master all the tracks and I say kudos to him ,he has done a very great job.
The newDays ep will be released on
18_November_2017 and all my fans should watch out for it.
Sarah :tell us about the challenges you have face throughout this journey of the NewDays ep.

Cephas: Talking about the challenges? Hm,well there is say that after every challenges their is a victory.
The challenge has been time schedules,you as up and coming artist you do all the do all by your self as now that I’m not on any record label,you see? So I need to work and make that money for my studio sections and my videos.so the challenge has been time time time.
But I thank God for how far I’ve come with this project and I believe its going to be a successful one,and trust me my are going to enjoy this.

Sarah : Thank you very much sundayman for coming to our show and don’t forget here is your home you are welcome any day and much we get a copy of the album especially me!! Hahahah,but thank you for coming

Cephas : Thank you too for having me Sarah I’m much appreciate.
And to all my fans out there kindly follow Me on social media..

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