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DJ Mix Quits Emak FM, Joins ABEN 94.9 FM



Dj Mix has officially joined Koforidua based ABEN FM station which is currently undergoing test transmission.

ABEN FM looks the most serious contender amongst the lot, and if DJ MIX will do Radio again, then one can say without blinking an eye that he is bound for Aben Fm. He set to start his first show on November 6,Friday from 2:00pm to 6:00pm.

Kofcity scan your radio set for 94.9 MHz now, locked it and enjoy refreshing good music with huge quality sound from Aben Fm

Aben FM is a commercial radio station owned by Joy Herbal Industries, producers of Joy Daddy Bitters, Vikel 20 and Joy Twedie Bitters. Other radio stations in their fold include Aben FM(Kumasi), Bryt FM in Koforidua and Dadi FM in Accra.