The Ghana National Association of poultry farmers has called for the dismissal of the Eastern Regional director of Agric, Mr. Henry Crentsil sacked from his position.

According to the group, Mr. Henry had reported in the dailies to have rubbished an allegation by the poultry farmers nationwide against park Agrotech Ghana ltd,an Indian hatchery.A company that produces day old chicks that,it the hatchery is producing unhealthy day old chicks to farmers which as a result of collapsing the poultry industry.

Again the spokes person for the poultry farmers, Isaac Esiaw disclosed that,on the 26th of September, they had a press conference and called on the government through the ministry of food and Agriculture that they should go into the operation of park of Agrotech Ghana Ltd. The reason was that ,we had these old layer feed from the company and they have very high mortality rate and more over they are not laying.

He further emphasized that, the poultry industry task you to buy a day old layer chicks by the time it becomes to 30days,it should be getting peak.” Peak here means that,you get enough commercial quantity to pay your cost but this is not the case with this particular thing by the time it get to 30days about 50% of the birds died.
He lamented that, “in his case 78% of birds died on several contact with the company”, instead they failed to heed to our call to help us solve the problems, he angrily expressed.

He also said that, “their national person,in the person of Mr. Victor Oppong Adjei,send a letter to the ministry since then they have not heard anything from them.”

He stressed that ,they were only told that they will constitute a committee by the time, we realized, on the 4th of October, on page 51of the daily graphic, this Mr.Henry Crentils in the Eastern Region has granted an interviewed to the daily graphic reporter and stated that we have to claims to say that the birds we bought from Agrotech Ghana ltd is on safety and for that matter our money should be refunded to us,the release disclosed.

“We are saying and put it to record that ,we send our letter to the ministry but we did not send it to Mr.Henry Crentils and even if the minister,through his evil directors is asking us to do that job,then he had failed clearly because its the minister who is supposed to bring us the report on the investigation that they did,”he vehemently expressed.
Meanwhile the ministry of food and Agriculture has tasked a three member committee of which the Eastern regional director of MOFA is not part to investigate the allegation made by the farmers against the Indian hatchery.

He also said that,”we have no representative on the set committee that Mr.Henry is saying that, we have not contacted as affected farmers, so what basis is Mr. Henry saying that our claimed should be dismissed and for that matter,we have no cost to say that the park Agrotech Ghana Ltd is the one that is causing financial lost to farming investment”, the spokesperson disclosed.

“That is why we are asking Mr. Henry should have conducted a scientific research into the activity because per the daily graphic report says that, Mr. Henry per mere looking at the birds they seem healthy and for me that can never be so because if somebody has HIV you can not say by a mere looking at the person, he/she is OK”.

“That is why we are saying that, he is incompetence to handle farmers problems.
“We are insisting the regional director resign from his post else faces their wrath.

Story by :portia oduro

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