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Kumi Kasa



In the month of October we took our time to visit people of a great deal to this project. Namely; Hon. Minister of Gender, Hon. Minister of Education, personalities from Arts and culture and of course his Excellency the Vice President of the republic of Ghana, with each of these respectable persons playing vital roles in this project.

In November, the plans discussed were implemented back in Bono region; Tain district to be precise. Before we took of, we made an important visit to the district director of education.

We then set off to our first destination which was Nkona Methodist JHS. The teachers and students received us with the warmest forms of welcome. After some motivational messages to these students on the importance of education, we distributed our free exercise books.

Next, we made another journey to another deprived school in this district; Namasa D/A primary school. Here, the state of the school is manageable but as it stands, still needs a lot of work. The teachers do their best to keep the facility in shape while keeping the students intact. The usual motivational messages and talks were given to the students and teachers as well as to why education is important and the need to grasp the opportunity which the Free SHS comes with.

Moving on, we visited our first ever SHS school by name; Menji SHS.
Upon speaking to them, we understood how seriously they took the Free SHS and how grateful they were because not everyone had the opportunity they had.

We further moved to yet another school in Menji which was Menji Islamic school. Upon arrival, the students were getting ready for the congregational Friday prayer at the mosque. Faces of excitement was all we got from them when we got there and we were welcomed warmly.
The teachers and the students all put in effort to run the school. We educated them on the importance of going to school and getting an education. After, we distributed and asked that they use what we have given them to enhance their studies because education is after all the key to success.

Our last visit was to Nkona Kwaaja Methodist primary. Basically everything we do when we go these deprived areas, we did here. The students and teachers gladly accepted what we provided them and promised to use the materials to further and better their learning conditions and results.

November we can say has been the month of donations and none of this would’ve been possible without the earlier mentioned names. These students are in the position they are because of no fault of theirs but can’t do anything about it. This is where we come in and help them understand that the way out of that life is through proper education. Let us all come together and champion the campaign on education.