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Ghanaian Musicians Are Broke But Pretend To Be Rich – Epixode

Kumi Kasa



Dancehall artiste, Epixode has retaliated that the Ghanaian music industry is not lucrative.

However, he says most musicians in the country are not financially stable but fake an upscale lifestyle.

In a chat with Attractive Mustapha which was monitored by, he said the current state of the economy is negatively affecting the music industry.

According to Epixode, as such musicians struggle to make ends meet but because the name of the game is show business, some will never admit it

He laid the blame at the doorstep of key industry players in the country. He said there are bad systems and structures stating that no Ghanaian musician legitimately receives royalties.

He said “The systems are not in place so musicians are suffering. All the glamours and hype you see are all for showbiz purposes “

“It’s just because we are into showbiz so you portray some kind of picture and you need to maintain it but behind closed doors we all know that we are suffering”. Epixode added.

Epixode, whose real name is Theophilus Nii Arday Otoo, stated emphatically that no Ghanaian musician can purchase or own a Lamborghini but they claim they are doing well.