Gospel Sensation Bra Akwesi Introduces New Genre “Ghetto Gospel”

Bra AKwesi Tabi Elkanah is known for his exceptional talents which come in the form of singing, songwriting, acting and film making.Bra AKwesi is also known for his first single called ‘wo din no” —a ghetto gospel genre song.

Bra AKwesi is another sensational artiste who believes in a genre called “Ghetho Gospel”,A genre that encourages his desire to preach gospel to the ghetto youth.Again,Bra Akwesi believes will get the attention of both Christians and non-Christians by doing such genre of music. To start off with his mission to bring back the Gospel music, he released a his first single “Wo Din No”, meaning Your Name which took over Ghana by storm.

Bra Akwesi has vowed to carry the “Ghetto Gospel” to a whole new level. He then on decided to give his fans sentimental lyrics sometimes laced with Bible verses in a way that portrays the lifes of Christians and non-Christians.

In an interview with,Bra Akwesi said, ‘I am through my music simply trying to bring peace and harmony back to the Ghetto’s in our hoods. I make sure my songs preaches peace and tolerance”.

In a response to why he is not doing any genre apart from Ghetto Gospel,Bra Akwesi says he thinks his genre will make the youth who are been pushed away by current mainstream gospel to once again embrace gospel music.

Bra Akwesi known for his great tunes and live performances, is expected to kick-start 2017 with a surprise for his fans with hit a single titled featuring Dobble and

According to Bra Akwesi’s manager, the song would help propel Bra Akwesi’s music career to the next level.

Bra Akwesi who has promised himself a breakthrough this year has carved a niche for himself in the Ghanaian music industry, which has opened doors for him to perform in places where his peers would not venture.

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