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Got My Style, Don’t Compare Me To Gasmila- Long Life



Signed to Lyriks Media Concepts record label , Long Life in his latest Facebook post has asked Ghanaians not to compare him to Gasmila because they are different artistes. He said, Ghanaians should not mistakenly think they are on the same level in the world of Ga music.

Speaking to, Long Life mentioned that he is young in the industry, hence there should not be a basis for the comparism to a top star like Gasmila. He added that, even though he is doing marvelously well in the music industry, he sees himself as young person.

“I’m myself and i think am doing well, yeah . I’m trying to put the Ga language to some level but I can’t rate myself or compare myself to Gasmila even though people are saying I sing and sound like him. There is no way you can compare the two of us because my songs are different from that of Gasmila” Long Life emphasized.

He posted on Facebook :

When asked to compare his performance to that of Gasmila, he replied by saying there is no need for that comparism.

When asked how this comparism has affected his career, he reply by saying , “In some way it has (affected me) because people always say I am copying from Gasmila, others also mentions Gasmila’s name even though they are listening to my song.

Long Life is currently promoting his new song “Wobeda”