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“He’s Better Than Those Self Acclaimed Current Kings of Highlife Music” – Renowned Music Personality Reveals



Rumours have it that this guy called “RAO”, though an up and coming artist, has great tunes and lyrical content than most of the currently self acclaimed Kings of Highlife including Kuame Eugene, Kidi, King Promise and others.

As to who was making such comparison, we can’t disclose for controversial security reasons. It was on the 20th of October when the person (a renowned person in the Ghana music industry whose name is withheld) said in an interview with a radio station that he’s heard a new song by an upcoming artist called RAO and he thinks the Ghana music industry has a great and promising future with such talents in the loop. He added that chances and opportunities don’t happen fairly, if they do, this guy RAO should have already been out and up there rubbing shoulders with those guys whose names are aforementioned.

Ghana music industry has experienced a tremendous change lately and has embraced other genres of music including afro beat and the rest. This RAO guy per my little inquiry is really versatile in all genres, and stands ready for the Ghana Music Industry and beyond. He is currently signed on NB Records and they are about to release another single titled Otɔlɛ meaning hustle, not long after the release of his hit song “Fakye-Forgive”. This new song is produced by KinDee.

Listen to one of his songs via this link
and if you agree that if he’s given the chance and opportunity, he could be better than the names mentioned above, leave your comments here or under the YouTube video, let’s know what you think.