The services of the electricity prepaid purchasing has become a major problem to many Ghanaians since it’s introduction by the ex president Kuffuor during his regime. Users have to join a long queue before they are able to recharge an electricity prepaid card when they run out of credit. This comes as a result when a municipal like Nkawkaw is said to have only five electricity prepaid purchasing points.

This is disturbing and embarrassing for the users ,a situation they say is collapsing their businesses. This has prompted Bretouba,the host of “Nyansapo” a political show on HI 99.3 FM to come out with suggestions and proposals that he thinks will help to do away with the difficulties confronting the electricity prepaid users.
According to him ,government have to take a second look at it by way of considering a scratch card form as it is done by the telecommunication networks.

He added that this can work when the existed electricity metres are changed and converted into a modernized one whereby it will have access to using of scratch cards .

He therefore hinted that it is obvious that the electricity company is in the process of being given to the private company and suggests the government should include this in the contract.
This to him will an avenue for employment to the youth and hence vendors will have opportunity to sell it on commercial basis .This will enable users to buy it in large quantities to store for future use .

Finally ,he believes it will help reduce the poverty rate in our country.
He said this on Nyansapo the award winning late afternoon show on HI FM OF OBOUBA GROUP OF COMPANIES

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