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“I Go Crazy And Feel Like I Have Taken Tramadol When I See Women With Huge ‘Behind’- Actor Don Little

Kumi Kasa



It’s said that men who look smallish in size always love women who are heavily endowed both at the ‘backside’ and ‘frontside’.

One of the comic actors in Ghana currently known as Don Little has revealed in a most recent interview with Delay that he loves women with huge ass and that makes him go crazy and also makes him feel like he’s taken tramadol.

Isn’t that surprising? Don Little Interestingly mentioned that anytime he meets women with heavily endowed assets and want to have a good time, he doesn’t take them home but guest houses to finish up their ‘indoor deliverance service’ for short time. In case you did not understand the statement, watch the video below and you’ll surely get what it meant.

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