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I have only 20 girlfriends because I can do the job well in bed-Julius Fakta

Kumi Kasa



I have only 20 girlfriends because I can do the job well in bed – Julius Fakta
Just when managing just one lady in Ghana has become difficult now due to economic pressure, fast-rising singer Julius Fakta says he has 20 girlfriends.
He noted that the fact that he’s fair, fresh and handsome is what has made him bag those number of girls. He also said without mincing words that he’s good when it comes to bed room commando moves.

He revealed this on ‘Real Talk’ show with Sammy Flex in an interview.
“I have 20 girlfriends because I’m handsome and also good in bed. If you are a man and you are not good in bed, then it’s up to you. Sometimes women don’t even like your money when you are good in bed. Some of them leave and will come back again because I’m handsome and good in bed. In all times, you have to be smart and wise so that you wouldn’t be caught and sometimes it has to do with money. If you don’t have money then you are not in the game” he said.
He further stated that he has had proposals and sexual advances from men but he is not gay.

According to him, even though he is not gay but he has no problem with people who are involved in it.

“I’m not gay but I have no problem with gays. For me, they are also human beings and if that’s what they want to do, they should be allowed. For those in it too, you have to be wise because it is not every country that has legalized it yet. Sometimes I could see a man who will ask my number and I will think I have made a new friend. He will call me and be like I love you. Those people I beg you stop because I’m not gay” he added.

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