“I’ll Settle My Indebtedness If The Court Rules Against Me” – Alfred Woyome

Ghanaian Businessman, Alfred Agbesi Woyome has stated that, he’s agreeably determine to pay his debt if the jury rules infavour of the government of Ghana.

The apex court ruled that Mr. Woyome received money from the then National Democratic Congress, NDC government for an invalid contract between the state and the Waterville Holdings Limited in 2006 for construction of Stadia for CAN 2008.

According to the embattled Alfred Agbesi Woyome, he’s willing to settle his indebtedness to the nation in the event he loses the case at the court. However he cautioned government to reciprocate in the event it looses the rulings.

“I went to court and the court orders for payment, if we finish the matter and everybody is satisfied, why not, I will pay. If the Ghana governments win, we will make arrangements. I cannot say that I can bring all the money but as I live I will pay but if I win, [then] government would have to pay”

Meanwhile, Mr. Alfred Woyome urged the government to end discussions on the this matter from the political domain abruptly since it has no political connotations.

“The should remove this matter from the political domain because it was not politics”

The Business Guru stated that, if the court rules in favour of him and the judgment was implemented by a court order, then it doesn’t amount to frauding Ghana.

“If a court gives a good judgment and the judgment was implemented by a court order, does that constitute stealing Ghana’s money?”

Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome urge politicians to decist from such engaments, adding that, politicians have displease the teeming youth and the nation at large.

“Politicians should just stop this. They’ve failed the nation big time and the teeming youth.”


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