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I’m Better Than All Those New ‘School’ Musicians–Pope Skinny Brags

Kumi Kasa



I’m Better Than All Those New ‘School’ Musicians – Pope Skinny Brags

Hip-life Ghanaian musician has riposted in a recent video that he is way ahead and better than all the new artistes winning awards lately.

The Asuoden Music Boss who has not been very active in Commercial music for a while now claims to have a better rap and punchlines than the new school rappers who only focus on a hit song and can use just a song to “Murder” every hit song of theirs because he possess qualities beyond just ordinary hit songs which they lack.

He also insisted in his just ended Facebook live video that most Ghanaian musicians only use a hit song to claim ‘best’ in the industry when they are nobody.

He retorted in the live video; “Any rapper who calls for battle with me, Pope Skinny invites Humiliation and Disgrace for himself and I am ready to teach them lessons beyond just the use of hit songs to claim Best Artist”

He further mentioned being better than them in terms of music composition and everything concerning it.

Pope Skinny says even though Sarkodie is trying his best to dominate and put Ghana Music on the international market, He (Pope skinny) still reigns as the Best rapper from Ghana per his influences on the Music industry.

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