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The first lady of the Republic of Ghana, Mrs Rebecca Akufo Addo has expressed that, she is particularly pleased with breast care international organization.
In press released yesterday, the first lady joined the campaign to raise awareness about the devasting toll breast cancer is having on Ghanaian women,she made this known at the 7th breast cancer international Ghana race for the cure.

According to Mrs. Akufo Addo,her major concern had been a huge impact on creating breast cancer awareness, education, research, advocacy,and provision of health services and social support program.

The first lady expressed worry for the fact that though several live are being claimed when such eventuality could be diverted by early detection and effective treatment.

Again, the first lady said that, the Ghana race by breast cancer international has been very instrumental and making breast cancer an urgent issue for national attention and raising fund to support dedication diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer.

She also emphasized that,today the awareness creation campaign was necessitated by women who develop breast tumor each year with fatality of deaths.
She also added that,”if we are to make a head way in improving the sad outcomes of Ghanaians with breast cancer,we cannot ignore the two pillars of options which are early detection and
effect treatment,”.

She also stressed that, unfortunately many women use non proven method and go to the hospital when it’s too late to treat.

“I have been touch by dedication and commitment of many individuals and the organization in the race for a cure of breast cancer and therefore exceeding happy to be associated with today landmark event of the breast cancer international of the Ghana race for the cure events,” she vehemently expressed.
The first lady also encouraged women to report early to the hospital or visit the hospital for regular checkups to enable doctors treat them in case of any eventuality,she said.

She also lamented that, Breast care international has for years spear headed education,awareness and screening campaigns to prompt people into action to address the gap and help save all women. Breast cancer affect many women and anyone who know a mother suffering from breast cancer knows how tough it is on the children but I have discover that it affect men as well.

“I am willing to help anti breast cancer to provide hoslitical care delivery package for sister, daughter, wives, son,and many more with the sense of urgency for one clear need in our medical intervention one stop cancer center Ghana,”she disclosed.

Speaking at the same event,Mrs.Beatrice Wiafe Addai, chief executive officer (CEO) of breast care international also said that women are runing away from mastectomy but if a women comes early with breast cancer we can do breast conserving surgery and preserve the breast for women.

Nurses are going from door examining women breast for them to check for their blood pressure whether they have hypertension, diabetes or not.
She also entreat women who don’t want to loose their breast to come to the hospital early.

Story by : portia oduro

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