Is Praye Back: Praye Reunites For Massive Performance At 2018 VGMAs

Ghanaians were served a huge dish of nostalgia during the 2018 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards as the members of the hiplife singing group Praye reunited for a massive performance.

The group, which have been fractured for the past half decade, came together, all three members, as they performed a medley of their greatest hits on the VGMA stage.

It was only a few months ago when the two remaining members, Praye Tintin and Tietia, were feuding with the third ex-member Choirmaster and vowing they would never get back together.

But on the grandest stage of Ghana music, the trio performed together once again for the first time in years, a performance that was lauded all across social media as Ghanaians celebrated the reunion.

For now, it’s unlikely to be nothing more than a temporary reunion, but it’s clear what Ghanaians in general want to happen.

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