I’ve Never Smoked In My Whole Life

The renowned ghetto arise vocalist ‘EDEM’ recently had rumors hitting him straight in his face claiming he Smokes cigarweed and does drugs. To him, this is neither the first time, second time nor third time people verbalize around this smoking subject.

Truth be told, the people (rumor speakers) are not to be blame. Why won’t people say he smoke when he actually take steps as a smoker since he has decided to turned himself into a Ghanaian ewe reggae rapper plus a Rasta Man. To Ghanaians every Rasta Man is a Drug Addict or a Smoker. That’s what it is.

To clear and cut all the unnecessary talks and rumors about the hot Ghanaian rapper EDEM short, he made it clear on June 1st inside the lizzy spot complex during the GH SENIOR PROM nite, schemed for all High School alumnae stating before his performance that: It’s been a lot talking about me smoking weeds and doing drugs, Honestly speaking I don’t drink or never have I smoked in my entire life. Get it straight.

The reason why he made this issue clear to the high schoolers was for the reason that they are reliable source of the mentioned allegation. So for the sake of those who don’t know, Edem previously known as Ayigbe Edem does no DRUGS or SMOKE. Period!**

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Kumi Kasa

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