Kwasiaa: My Music Video Is Appealing Over Shatta Wale’s ‘GRINGO’ Video

There has always been the debate among Ghanaians about which artiste is more popular and one factor that cannot be taken out when considering artiste popularity, is the popularity of their music videos and Shatta Wale can not be left out when mentioning musicians with great music videos in Ghana.

Days ago, the global dance hall heavyweight, Shatta Wale released his much anticipated video for his new single, “Gringo” off his forthcoming Reign album and he got Ghanaians talking.

The video which was shot and directed by internationally-recognized video director, Sesan, for Film Factory and produced by David Nguyen, was in the province of Blanco, Texas, USA, at the Buggy Barn Museum and cast in the 1880s, the film cast over 20 international actors in what is arguably tagged as the most expensive video shot by any homegrown artiste from Africa.

Eastern region’s Highlife singer Koo Kyei in an interview with Kofi Bee on Kwahu 96.3 FM has said that, his Video for his new song “Meho Ye Med3” is more beautiful,a appealing and unique than Shatta Wale’s expensive “Gringo” music video.

“Although there is no clear cost of how much was spent on the music video, it’s obvious it was expensive shooting it, looking at the location, costume and props used for it but I can say there is something unique in my “Meho Ye Mede” video that is not in Shatta Wale’s “Gringo” music video. Ghanaians are talking because Shatta Wale has already made a name for himself, there is nothing special about his Video”- Koo Kyei answered Kofi Bee when he was quizzed to share his ideas on Shatta Wale’s “Gringo” video

Koo Kyei has single-handedly dominated the music scene, rolling out hit single after hit single, with great music videos to match. And each one was better than the next, as Koo Kyei kept raising the bar on both the narratives and the production values.

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