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Minister Nana Kwabena To Unleash New Single “Me Da Wase”

Minister Nana Kwabena is a Powerful Gifted young inspirational Worshipper And A gospel Musician who was once a Celebrity Dj and publicist, popularly known as “Dj Spicy” but now turned into a “New Leaf” for Christ.

Last Year 2017 He Released A Single Titled: Save My Soul” Which Drove Many People’s Heart and spirit to Live A Blameless Life Before God Almighty In Truth and in Spirit!

After The 2017 release Of His Single Known As “Save My Soul” Which Was Powerfully Creatively Made of Heart Touching words In a Lovers Rock Form , He also Worked Extremely harder to Keep The Pace By Releasing another Single Titled “OH WHY”, This Song Was a Great Masterpiece Which Won And Thrilled The Hearts of His Fans Positively For The Christ Kingdom Business. This Masterpiece had many Radio interviews on his Radio Tour!
Many People loved The Tune Because it was speaking alot about How Many people are living in the doom and be calling Good evil and be calling evil Good; Ineed the Tune had True Vibes of the Endtime signs and also the Lyrics in the Tune was Incredibly Powerful, Real and full of creativity. Minister Nana Kwabena Used What’s Happening in our world of today in the Composing of His Second Single Release, That song drove many people’s heart to live a Righteous Life For The Kingdom of God Almighty before the “Black Hour”

This Time around Minister Nana Kwabena Is Creativitly Set To Unleash His
New Hit Single Soon! – Title : “Me Da Wase”

His Motive Behind This Tune Is Powerfully Incredible, Positive,Very Touching and Life Changing. He Recall How useless he was in the world some years back, Living in a messed up life in appearance and in the mind.. Rejected By Many, Cheated On,Lied To,Played for A Fool etc., He Never Knew or Taught about it That God will Take him and use him This way because he never deserved Such a Privilege Given to Him Because of The Blood Shed on The cross for His sin! He Sang This Song to Praise His God Almighty in Heaven for changing his life and also accepting him just the way he Was, moulded him into something brand new And have made him A Vessel of Honor unto God’s Glory- His story is equally related to every human being, We were all nobody but God have made us somebody so he deserve to be praised and Adored…Blessed Be The Name of The Lord God Almighty. “Thank You” Means “Me Da Wase” In our Local Dialect In Ghanaian Language.

This New Hit Single From Minister Nana Kwabena Is A Real Life Relating Masterpiece, Powerpacked, Very Addictive (Easy To Sing Along), Very Groovy (Danceable) ,Encouraging,Inspiring,Adviceable,Motivational,Spirit filled,So Touching, Too much Creativity!

You can Never Do Away without Listening To This MasterPiece & When It Hits You, You Can Never Sit Nor Stand still. “Stay Alert!!!

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