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“NDC should not compare American Election to Ghana”-Big deal



The Free Senior High school Ambassador and communication team member of the ruling New Patriotic Party( NPP)Mr.Alex Odei know in the political circle known us (“Big deal”)has caution the largest Opposition Party Nationa Democratic Congress (NDC) not to Compare American Election to that of Ghana Elections because there is different dynamic or way of voting in this two countries, if there is a change in U.S ,it has no reflection in the upcoming December polls.

The free Ambassador of free SHS “Big deal “was speaking to the media at door to door campaign at Suhum over the weekend,where he make this remarks ,that there is a vast different between U.S Election and Ghana,so if there is a change that is America not Ghana,he think that Donald Trump been the President in America he fail in some sectors such us,he fail or couldn’t able to handle the COVID situations and Innocent lost their lives,he didn’t treat the black American’s well,and not friendly to the media,I think this are the major things that’s why citizen of U.S think that he has not performed well in during his Administration.

He further stated that ,compare to Ghana here,President Akuffo Addo were able to handle the COVID -19 situations very well in Ghana, touching on relevant policy implemented under Nana Akuffo Addo government within this four years all his promises has been fulfilled looking at the, Economy is booming under Nana-Bawumia administration, Free SHS promise has been delivered, Planting for food and jobs has been delivered, One village 1-Dam has been delivered, 1- million constituency has been delivered,creation of jobs for unemployed graduate (NABCO) about 100’000 has now been employed etc ,all this promises has been fulfilled, so why Ghanaian would not vote for Nana Akuffo Addo to transform Ghana.

“NPP government has performed so well and NDC should stop deceiving themselves if Donald Trump is loosing Is Nana Akuffo Addo Donald? All Ghanaian should mark my words ,Ghanaian will retired John Dramani Mahama forever in politics, this time around that 44 Percent he polled in 2016,this time around NDC will get 40percent ,they should stop dreaming that they are wining,if there is a change that’s is U.S,is Ghana America,or citizens at America to vote in Ghana December 7?he asked.

Mr.Big deal has call on all all Ghanaian to show appreciation to NPP Government by using their thumb to vote for His Excellency Nana Akufo Addo for second term to do more for Ghanaians. And Ghanaian should not stop that basesless argument,he said.

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