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A lonely Ghanain destitute girl, Hawa Ussif, with “bead making” profession has welled up tears crying for help in the western region, ellembele district, Kamgbunli. The girl Hawa, is believed to have lived loneliness life after the lost of her parents at an embryonic stage.

Kamgbunli based Hawa, since the seemingly insuperable death visited her parents, has been relentless in her efforts to ensure that the necessary but pragmatic measures are adopted to sustain her life.

With the aid of some philanthropist in the area she resides, impoverish Hawa, completed Half Assini Secondary School(Hasco), in the year 2013, two years after Junior High School with Home Economics background of study.

In a largely scrappy encounter, uncertainty strews orphan Hawa, enduring a testing time in Tarkwa learning “bead making” when she lost hope of getting her education continued, something which was of her top priority.

Lively in Tarkwa, needy Hawa was sniffing out few opportunities when learning the trade but her finishing left a lot to be desired and she looked visibly frustrated on numerous occasions.

Several years after completion and graduating from the “bead making” trade, Hawa has been left sweating on the fitness of capital to establish her own generating venture, a way that will put smiles on her face and a way that will give her out of poverty. She pleaded to Ghanains to give her some insulin to keep her afloat.

She told source “I am doing little savings from money I make through by days work I sometimes do. And not everyday there is work for me to do. This won’t be enough for me to get my own venture as I intend doing. It will take me several years if I should rely on this. I need small capital to add the little I have, am telling kind people in Ghana to help me”.

Hawa concluded with an echoed voice and everybody got startled after she spoke. A details of needy Hawa has been provided below for her reach or anything of the sort, 0546734199.

By: Ibrahim Mohammed Kabenla

Source: Hawa Ussif