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Rapper Mr One Redefines Rap In New freestyle Creed III

Kumi Kasa



Rapper Mr One Redefines Rap In New freestyle Creed III

Rap music in Ghana has gone under what seems to be an unending evolution. This has influenced how rap artists approach Ghanaian rap music and unfortunately, many rap songs in Ghana sound less original and ”synthetic”. It’s sad to say those who started it all back in the days, got caught up in it and lost their authentic approach. 

It takes someone who understands what rap stands for to hold on to the original trend and not get sways or diluted with what floats in the mainstream. Mr One has once again proved he’s a solid artist and will always stay original when the topic of rap music in Ghana arises.

Call it Hip-Life or Hip-Hop; this new freestyle tells the world about Ghanaian rap and its unique sound. Listening to this freestyle will make the world ask one question and that is “Which country does he come from?”. We used to be proud of rap lines like these back in the days, but they lost that original touch along the way.

Precision, flow, style and delivery will wake many rap lovers and make us remember the golden days of Hip-Life or Ghanaian rap. Looks like Mr One is about to give us a treat and put these other rappers who have lost their way in a straight line and school them!

This freestyle reminds me of the “Pae Mu Ka” days which to date, rated as the best album ever released in Ghana. Ladies and gentlemen, listen to the new freestyle titled “CREED III ” and fall in love in original Ghanaian rap all over again. And for the youngsters, this is the original form of GH Rap! Enjoy!!