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Shatta Wale’s “Mansa Musa” Song Released By Yaaba Yaw

Kumi Kasa



Ghanaian dancehall artiste Shatta Wale was the first person to reveal publicly that he’s set to release a song titled ‘Mansa Musa’ featuring Vybe Kartel, but all of a sudden 2019 Eastern music award Hip Hop artiste of the year, Yaaba Yaw has released a song titled ‘Mansa Musa’

Apparently ,Yaaba Yaw has released his song yesterday titled ‘Mansa Musa’ before the official release of Shatta Wale’s song.

When the song was finally released by Yaaba Yaw,a lot of social media commentators teased Shatta Wale claiming that he copied Yaaba Yaw.In other news,some Shatta Movement fans are also angry and insulting Yaaba Yaw for releasing a song their boss is yet to release.

What’s going to happen next ? Let’s keep our fingers crossed as we wait for Shatta Wale’s version of the “Mansa Musa” song.