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Social Media Backlash Nana Tito For His ‘BOZEN’ Music Video



Music videos are mediums for artistes to showcase their looks, dance steps and tell a story of their songs. But for the music landscape in Ghana and some part of the world , it has grown beyond into a medium for display of sex and other bad things . Our videos have become bad deal for the Ghanaian youth who tend to copy most of what they see on TV and the internet.

Weeks ago, Fast rising artiste Nana Tito received a lot of backlash on social media after the release of the music video for his trending song ‘BOZEN’. According to some Ghanaians , Nana Tito’s ‘BOZEN’ song is full fat girls showing their big A$$ and doesn’t tally with the message in the song.

The “BOSEN” video has since been condemned by many stakeholders and entertainment personalities after it release , with several others wondering why young musicians are now using pornography in order to get some useless social media hypes and fame.

When we approach Nana Tito to ask if he is worried about the public backlash on social media, he explained ‘people have different opinions on issues, in Ghanaian society we don’t really accept these kinds of things, I know but its art, its music, I wanted to portray something real and i don’t see the porn in my music video”.

Watch the music video below: