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Stay Jay Took Advantage Of Me,I Was Left To Hustle After My Song ”YENKO NKOAA”, That’s Why He Is Suffering Today-EDUWOJI



In 2011,Raymond Eduwoji released his first hit song that became the talk of town,every corner in the country had the song being played there.Eduwoji featured Stay Jay in his single hit titled “Yenko Nkoaa” which was produced by Kaywa.

Eduwoji in an interview with Kumi Kasa and Jah Solo on a Koforidua based radio station ABEN 94.9 FM disclosed some reasons behind his absence in the music industry for quite some years.

Many were worried what actually was wrong with the “Yenko Nkoaa” hitmaker however, he made open about a chronic disease that struck him down after his hit song.He said he was managed by “Under One” but for some unknown reasons his manager made him aware he could not manage him together with his counterpart StayJay and thus parted ways with him.Eduwoji narrated bitterly that the disease blocked a lot of his opportunities to travel abroad to perform his hit song. He said he started his hit song alone but had to allow Stay Jay sing the ” twi ” part after carefully consideration by Kaywa.Though he featured Stay Jay but Stay Jay wanted to claim ownership of the song and went ahead to perform a song that was not for him at many shows.He did that without letting him(Eduwoji) know about that and so Eduwoji said he confronted Stay Jay on that.He was then asked by Stay Jay to pay an amount of 15 million cedis(Old currency) now 1,500 cedis to Stay Jay back in those days for him to stop performing a song that was not his own.

Eduwoji said he fought very hard and made the song hit more after the payment but Stay Jay benefited more from the song than him because he(Stay Jay) had already performed the song on many occasions.He said the disease of unknown cause attacked him the same day he was supposed to travel abroad for a show and as a result he could not travel.

The disease landed him at popular Ghanaian Priest, Rev.Obofour’s church for over 2 years after the hospitals diagnosed nothing wrong with him,that could be a source of “juju”.He is now feeling better

Watch interview below