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Talanku Set To Release First Song ‘Sokoo’ With New Label ATMoG

Kumi Kasa



Highlife singer Talanku

Highlife singer Talanku looks to building a significant 2018 with his forthcoming projects under his new record label ATMoG as he is set to release a new song tagged “Sokoo”

Some section of his fans and some big industry players have recently criticized Talanku for being ‘lazy’ and inactive after his nationwide “‘Menseida” hit. But Talanku in response to his critics said ” It is wrong for anyone to say that I’m being lazy. Music is dynamic and the taste of the audience keeps changing, thus the need for me to read and study the game very well”, Talanku rebuts critics.

The ‘Menseida” hit maker said that highlife will never die or fade as it’s a genre that transcends generations and his new song “Sokoo” will prove the level he wants to take the Highlife genre to.

“Highlife music stays forever so I need to take my time and work on it. I disagree with anyone who says I am slow because I am really working with my new record label ATMoG” he added.

However, he is optimistic that 2018 is going to be a great year for him. Talanku urged Ghanaians to keep supporting Highlife Music. He therefore, urged his fans to support his music and career with his new record label ATMoG.

Keep your fingers crossed as brings you all the updates on this new song, “Sokoo”