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Kumi Kasa



The Cultural Games Association which is the body mandated to research, develop and promote Ghana’s local games has announced the starting date for the first locally developed sports as the Ampe Sports . This new and much entertaining sports is being organised in recognition by the National Sports Authority (NSA).

‘‘I have always tried to create a uniq ue sports in Ghana to reach international interests and watching the new Ampe Sports it is like the mission is accomplished ’’ said Nana Boateng Gyimah II who doubles as the Kontrihene of Senchi-Asokore in the Ashanti Region and National President of the Cultural Games Association. According to Nana Boateng Gyimah II, his department has su ccessfully registered 12 regional ladies to participate in the forthcoming National Ampe Sports League . He believes the Ampe Sports League will last over the period of 8 months before the finals could be held at the Accra Sports Stadium.

A S tatement from the Office of the President of the Ghana’s local games has maintained that strict medical protocols of the highest standard will ensure players involved in the League remain in the safest and acceptable environment. The Statement continued to affirm that players’ mobility from one region to the other is inevitable in the Ampe Sports League and as a result a full hygiene practice will continue with all regional players to meet with the government’s protocols on social distanci ng and mandatory wearing of the health service recommendable face masks.

Last week, the government of Ghana said it had eased the restrictions on selected public gatherings and the Ampe Sports being deem as a non-contact sporting event will be the first in Ghana to start a national league event. Qualified regional teams, including the Eastern Krobo and Ashanti Region who are fixed for the start of the league in July 11, 2020, have returned to their respective training grounds after training was suspended in March 30 as part of the government’s lockdown measures to c ontrol the spread of the novel C oronavirus threats.

The Western Regional Queen mother, Nana Ekua Kodu II who has her region playing against the Volta region in the second week of the maiden national event has joined world’s renowned women like the Deputy Mayor of Luton, UK, Ms. Maria Lovell and many others to express their fervent support and prayers for the Ampe Sports continuity and global recognition.

The Cultural Games Association (CGA) can appreciate that it will take significant period of time for many foreign sports in Ghana to get back on track because their inventory roots are struggling but slowly starting to return the sports they own for a competitive national league. CGA believes the foreign sports in Ghana are undoubtedly entertaining for most Ghanaians as it is in their original parts of the world and this presents formidable challenges to the Ghanaian and African cultural games. Notwithstanding, the Association is hopeful that the introduction of Ampe Sports this year and other culturally developed games to emerge in the subsequent season will bring the real entertainment in our societies due to their researched rules, traditional and potential health promotional values being associated in the CGA’s developed Ampe Sports.

Between now and the set date for the commencement of the National Ampe Sports League, the Regional Executives, Stakeholders and National Executives further meetings will take place in Accra with the government’s Sports Authorities to s trictly deliberate on success of the upcoming Ampe Sports but there is no expectation that the approved schedule for the resumption of the Ampe Sports League will need to be changed.

CGA is committed and will continue to work closely with our traditional leaders and government of Ghana to bring our collective local games research influence and use same to address Ghana’s issues in local sports development in a definitive and concrete ways.

By : CGA News Centre