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Top 10 Most Listened To Radio Stations In Eastern Region

Kumi Kasa



This is just a basic sampling of the feedback from the different reputable stakeholders in the industry, radio callers , taxi, trotro drivers and other independent people in Eastern Region.

Through our findings, we got to know that radio stations in Nkawkaw/Kwahu have higher listenership ratings throughout the day,weeks,months and years as compared to the other stations in Koforidua. This is because of the influx of Accra radio station in Koforidua and it surrounding . Radio listeners/lovers in Nkawkaw do not have access to Accra radio stations, thus, they are forced to listen to radio stations in Nkawkaw, so don’t be surprise to see more Nkawkaw stations in the list.

1 . MY 94.5 FM

MY FM is leading our chat as the most listened to radio station in Eastern region currently. The station offers great entertainment content. And this it served essentially through music,sports and other shows on the station. The station’s drive time program hosted by Dj Hitman is one of the most listened to shows in Koforidua and it environs currently.

2. OBOUBA 91.7 FM

Obourba 91.7 Fm has positioned itself as a well-informed radio station in Eastern region. In addition, it is leading the audience with information,entertainment and sports. Been one of the oldest radio stations in the region, Obourba’s Drive time show hosted by DJ 024 is one of the most listened to programs on the station. With Justina on their Mid Morning show, you can just imagine.

3. BRYT 99. FM


Bryt Fm might not impress you at first sight, but they’ve continuously been able to provide listeners with high quality programs and music. You are also given the opportunity to get free access to the radio stations on the internet by listening on .The stations Drive Time show hosted by DJ Police is one of the most listened to radio shows in the region,not forgetting W’adwuma Ne Sen hosted By Royal Mama Cita.


4. AGOO 96.9 FM

AGOO FM based in Nkawkaw offers great entertainment content. And this it served essentially through music,Sports,political and other shows on the station. The stations Mid Morning show is part of the station’s success, not forgetting their drive time show hosted by Culture B.

5. EMAK 97.7 FM

Most people listen to the Koforidua based radio station to quench their thirst for gossip. There are no other hot gossip joints than Emak Fm. Others also listen to radio station because of some entertaining music programs and Emak FM is popular for both gossip and music. DJ Mix’s weekends Beat on Saturday is the most listened program currently in Eastern region.


6. OKWAHU 96.3 FM

This radio station is focused on music, entertainment gist, sports, games, national news and topical issues, interviews and other entertaining programmes. The station’s morning show hosted by Akwasi Amoako Nyamekye is one of the most listened to programs on the station. Not forgetting their drive time program hosted by Obeng Danso.


7. RITE 90.1 FM

Based in Somanya , Rite FM is directed to supply the listeners with talk shows, music, news, current affairs, educational programs, sports, weather forecast and traffic updates. The main target of the radio station is to educate audience on Agriculture. Celestine is holding the station down with her Mid-Morning show not forgetting the Captain of the Station Papa Attitude who has won several awards for the station.

8. LIFE 98.7 FM

Life focus on producing programmes that cut across music and entertainment as well as informational programmes. This station has consistently remained one of the top radio stations in Nkawkaw producing top presenters like Delay,Jerry Justice and many others. The current presenter like Daabrehene and DJ Virus are also winning awards to keep the brand of the station.

9. OFIE 105.9 FM

Ofie FM is a station situated in Akim-Oda. Its focus is mainly on the delivery of appealing programs that include lifestyle, entertainment, good music live-talks and sports and many more programs. It also broadcasts current news and current affairs for its target audience. The station is well listened in Akim-Oda and it environs.

10. TASTE 90.9 FM

Taste FM is another popular radio station in Koforidua and can be said to be a sports and music oriented radio station as it airs a variety of entertaining programmes. The station is doing very well with Dj’s like Action Dj, Wonder Gee and many others.



During a particular point in time during our surveying, AGOO FM was leading as the most listened to radio station in the region,but along the line,the station went off which affected the station negatively on our list. Stations like Delight FM,Unity FM, Aben FM(Test Transmission)  ,Kingdom FM and others appeared on our list but we wish them the best of luck next time.