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Joe Addo Talks Creativity And His New Passion.



Joe Addo expressed his admiration for the creative work of Bisa K’dei, saying “he is part of the rich tradition composers like Koo Nimo, Jerry Hansen etc”.

He disclosed this on Eezy FM during its “Eezy Friday Conversation” segment on The Morning Edition. He was full of praise for the young musician as he touted the creativity at play within the Ghanaian music industry.

In 2004, Joe Addo moved back to Ghana after a period of studying and working in the United Kingdom and the United States.

He is currently the Principal of Constructs LLC; a firm that combines architecture, urban planning, landscaping, and building technology into creating ‘inno-native’ design solutions to contemporary African architecture. ‘Inno-native’ is the condition where solutions are developed smartly and are indigenous.

Joe believes the development of Africa needs to be contextual, inspired, developed and implemented by Africans, and must address the core issues of effectiveness, need, and be sustainable.

He is Chairman of ArchiAfrika, a platform that initiates and facilitates research and projects on the terrain of African architecture and architecture in Africa.

On his new passion, Joe Addo said, he has shifted attention from his practice to advocacy. He seeks to promote our unique culture via the exhibition our history. Considering this, he has set up a design gallery at James Town.

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