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Top 10 best dressed Ghanaian musicians



1. E.L.

E.L is arguably one of the best dressed male musician in Ghana and you can sue us for this. (Lol,agorc nkoaa).You may not be a fan of his music but his style can make you fall for him.

2. Obrafour.

Obrafour’s style is always on point and co-ordinated, unlike his colleagues who dont care about their brand and their impact on the youth.

3. Joey B.

Can we talk about how Joey B silently and gradually impacted a whole generation with his vintage and street fashion choices? His great fashion pushed Adidas to sign him as an ambassador. He is also co-founder of Renaissance clothing.

4. Okyeame Kwame.

Okyeame Kwame,the rap doctor, always comes to mind when you mention overall stylish men in Ghana From tartans to a lot of bling and pre styles he is always got it sorted out.

5. Flowking Stone.

King of Gh rap,Flowking Stone,is another stylish Ghanaian musician. The Kumasi-based musician also takes fashion seriously and inspires his fans with his style which is a mixture of prints other contemporary fabrics and traditional wear.

6. Guru.

The “Samba” hitmaker is also a young man who knows what to wear and when to wear it. Gradually his fashion choices are beckoning another style movement among his ever-growing.

7. Captain Planet (4×4)

4X4’s captain planet is also a pretty stylish Ghanaian musician. His seriou take on fashion has also led him to o a fashion retail shop like his other contemporaries in the industry aroun the well.

8. Manifest

It takes a great sense of fashion to bd made an ambassador of a huge fashion brand like Woodin. They say he wears “kaba” but the rapper is culturally connected and it reflects in how he dresses up. Actually,his style has consistently improved and you can’t even predict his next fashion move.

9. Sarkodie.

Do i need to talk at all ? Everybody knows Ghanaian rapper,Sarkodie is very stylish and there’s a full article just on that.

10. Samini.

Whoever styles or manages dancehal artist samini is doing great. He has actually turned this guy’s style game around completely and w are obsessed with the “New” High Grade boss.

Did your favorite musician make the list?? Which musician do you think deserves to be on the list? Comment and let us know.

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