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Our music industry has become weak-Abrewa Nana



The godmother of Ghanaian dancehall, Dorcas Opoku Dakwa popularly known as Abrewa Nana in an exclusive interview with Flex newspaper last week has revealed why her visibility in the music industry has waned. Some years ago, Abrewa Nana defied the odds to become the first female hip life artiste in the male dominated genre to have gained firm footing and rubbed shoulders with the men.
Speaking to Flex newspaper she said: “There is no difference in what I used to do then and what I am doing now, so it is not like I can’t fit into what is happening now. We started this dancehall genre even though Ghanaians didn’t really appreciate and give the necessary attention back then.”
“Probably, the style of promoting songs by the DJ’s is something I don’t really know. The system is stagnant. There is nothing happening in the system. I don’t know if it’s about the DJ’s or the large number of radio stations in the country. How many artistes are in Ghana and how many are trending? There is something wrong with our system,” she added. Currently she says she doesn’t have a manager and that she is doing everything by herself.
“I think it may also be a factor why I don’t reach the level I want. Personally, that is what is going on with me. I do not have anybody to trust my career with so currently doing my own thing. Even those trending now that have managers, I don’t know how they got their managers involved. The support in the industry is limited. I don’t know who to approach but if someone comes forward I am ready to give the chance. There are both new and old people in the industry so I can’t approach if they don’t come forward. I have managed myself before and it went well so I will try and do it all by me if nobody approaches,” she told Flex newspaper.
She released her new song titled Who I be on the Social Media Riddim hosted by Jullie Jay Kanz and produced by Sicnarf beatz last December. “It is gradually doing well though I know it is not all DJ’s that have the song. So far, it has been so good. It is not the best but I am still pushing and will not give up.” However, Abrewa Nana’s hopes are not dashed at all. When asked if she will stop doing music if things remain as it is now, she vehemently answered in the negative.
“The artistes trending everyday sometimes get disappointed. They create the impression that they are happy but deep inside them, they are not happy. Ninety nine percent of Ghanaian artistes are not happy. They appear nice in front of the camera but when you engage in a personal conversation with them, you will realize they are not happy. When we started it wasn’t easy and it’s still not easy. Since I have the talent and I know I am a good writer, I will keep pushing. I won’t be discouraged at all,” he added.
Abrewa Nana will be releasing singles on her new album this year.

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