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Counsellor George Lutterodt in trouble



Victoria Lebene Mekpa, actress and fiancée of veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo has indicated plans to sue Counselor George Lutterodt.
According to the actress, she will take the legal action if he doesn’t retract the unsavory words he used against her.
The controversial marriage counselor stated in a video that surfaced online that Victoria is too young to marry Kofi Adjorlolo adding that she is only trying to kill the veteran actor before his time.
He stated that “if she marries Kofi Adjorlolo she would see what I will do to her because she is a small girl. She is just about 27-years-old so she should take her time.”
This led to the actress to breaking down in tears.
In an interview with Joy News’ Doreen Avio, Victoria Lebene Mekpa revealed that her management has drafted a letter to Mr Lutterodt to retract his words in five days or else face legal action.
She also added that the tears that she shed in the video were not because she was bothered but rather because the words were coming from a counselor.
“I’m not bothered…I am strong a lady. If your purpose in life is to be a counselor or pastor what is your approach,” she said.
The actress further revealed that her fiancé, Kofi Adjorlolo is aware of the issue and is not bothered by the counselor’s unsavory comments.
She added that “I don’t think he wants to say anything because he knows how he [Mr Lutterodt] is already. Both of us know he’s doing this as a strategy for his business.”

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