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Onaapa Song Failed To Qualify-Nii Ayite Hammond



Public Relations Officer for the VGMA Board has been explaining why political campaign song, Onaapo failed to receive awards.
Nii Ayite Hammond explains, the VGMA’s research has shown that Onaapo is a popular music, it failed to qualify for any category under the VGMA awards scheme.
Onaapo became a hit song on the 2016 electioneering campaign trail as it was then ruling National Democratic Congress’ official campaign soundtrack.
Barely two months after the elections, tongues have been wagging among entertainment critics as to why the track has not received nomination.
But Ayitey Hammond in an interview with host of Abusua FM entertainment show says, “we are not sure which of the categories Onaapo will pass for”.
“Yes it is a popular song as we all know how it’s become a household song, but don’t know where to place it in the various categories,” he added.
“Indeed Onaapo is a popular song, but it doesn’t pass for dance hall, highlife or any of the other categories we have…So that’s the challenge with that song,” he stated.