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Kofcity Presenters are the downfall of Kofcity music-Zadour



Award-wining music producer, singer and songwriter,Dr Zad take a swipe on radio presenters and Dj’s in Eastern region.

Speaking in response to the current buzz that “why is kofcity artists are not making it ?”.
He told in an interview that,
” music bosses are ruining the industry by illegally paying for music to be playlisted – a practice commonly known as payola on the side of some Dj’s.”
“I get scared sometimes because of this industry of music. You have music moguls killing our industry by paying to be playlisted on high rotation and sometime real music gets overshadowed by bad .

Zadour added that “Why should DJ’s and presenters in our region perpetuate this illegality and make this canker fester at the expense of music development?
This unhealthy practice has seen the influx of junk music inundating our musical landscape. The practice controls a radio station’s playlist and broadcast process. Songs with less or no content at all are promoted whilst good songs are relegated to the background”Zadour told