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Meet “Koqromoti” another fast rising artists to Watch Out For in 2017



Becoming a mainstream artiste has little to do with churning out good music but rather, making a hit song, your connections, production and your link with top DJs in the country.
For those of us who just don’t listen to mainstream music, we know there are quite some few guys out there doing great songs but the world is yet know them.
Some are quite known but they’ve not made it that big yet and we wish to unveil them and Koqromoti is one of such ilk.

From the camp of Hitz records is Akabo Freeheart musically known as Koqromoti is one of best lyrical upcoming rappers in Ghana. He is a rapper I do admire him so much for his hardworking skills in his career of music.I can boldly say Koqromoti has more good songs than some of these celebrated artists in Ghana.

His songs like “abanabo”,”Korkorno” was the most talked about song on all social media platforms even when the songs was not released .KOQROMOTI has featured a few of the talent in the industry like Kofi Cyril, JewNart and Luther.
Because of his lyrical content and stage craft he has been on so many platforms

In fact,Ghanaians need to watch out for him,he’s equally awesome. He is that one artist who deserves all the encouragement and support he needs to put Ghana on the map.

He has been in the industry for some time and was able to wow the general public in the shortest possible time with his style.Currently,Koqromoti has making a great impact with new song “Pressure”.Watch out for more of his songs on

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