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Pyno Marble takes over Eastern region with new song “Take Away”



From the camp of Damcity Empire;Pyno Marble one of best lyrical rappers in Eastern region .
He is a rapper I do admire him so much for his hardworking skills in this career of music. I can boldly say; he even has more good songs than some of these celebrated artists in Ghana.

His recently song “I thank God” was one talked about song on all social media platforms even when the song was not yet released. To believe what I’m saying is true,Pyno Marble.

Ghanaians need to watch out for him, he’s equally awesome. He is that one artist who deserves all the encouragement and support he needs to put Ghana on the map.

Talking to Pyno Marble,he said ” Life is not easy but in all there is hope for a better
future just thank your
God in all situations. Ghanaians should watch out and download my new song “Take away”,He told

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