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Racky Nova ‘fingers’ Kofcity djs



Hip life musician, Racky Nova who is based in Koforidua has told Flex newspaper that some radio DJs in Koforidua do not play his songs and that makes him worried. According to him, any times he sent his songs to either Londona or DJ Mix (both of Emak FM), they either played them few times and stopped or didn’t play at all.
“I don’t know what I have done to them. Londona and DJ Mix do not play my songs. It keeps me wondering why they act that way. I don’t know if they expect me to give them something before they play because some other DJs are really helping in pushing my songs,” he said. He added that he would rather love that a DJ calls him and tells him if there is something wrong with his songs than shelving it somewhere without playing.
“At least, we are brothers. If you find something wrong with my song you can just alert me. We all work together and need to be each other’s helper,” he added. Finally, Racky Nova said that the attitude being exhibited by Londona and DJ Mix is discriminatory because they play songs by other musicians. He believes that behaviour will discourage and kill music talents in the Eastern Region.

Speaking to DJ Mix, he explained he has played a couple of Racky Nova’s songs before, especially those he felt he could promote. “I have played his songs before but I play good songs. If your song is good, I will play it. I heard that he has released a new song but he has not called me or given it to me so how do I play it?” DJ Mix asked. RACKY NOVA (1)

Londona, who is the drive time host at Kingdom FM also said that Racky should not hesitate to bring his songs. “I don’t remember the last time he gave me his song to play. He should not assume that I will automatically know he has a new song out if he has not told me. I also advise our artistes to do quality productions so it would be easy to promote them.”

Racky Nova has produced a lot of songs like Ante Mamuna, Talanku ft. Gasmilla, Number ft. Talanku and MP3, M’akoma ft. M5 & Talanku and he is out with the latest Meba recorded by Wings Armani. Meba also features Sean and Wings Armani. Meba is a very danceable tune that talks about doing what is necessary to attract one’s attention when you need them.
“You see, it is not easy to get somebody do what you want for you or fall for you. If something about you catches their attention, they will be with you. So you always need to have that special thing that will make someone stick with you. It could be a lover or anybody,” he quipped.

Racky Nova says he is the next big act to blow Ghana from the Eastern Region and urged all radio presenters across the length and breadth of the country to help him achieve his aim.

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