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Do you think you have too many TV shows to keep track of right now? That’s funny, because you’re about to up the count in 2017 and experience the best of TV series on your Tv screen.

In Ghana here,every single Tv network and streaming service is gearing up to offer brand-new comedies, dramas, mysteries, and comic-book adaptations, all starring high-caliber actors you know and love.

I present to you a new Tv series from Koncept Haus producers of “Naked Custom” and “Innocent Crime”.The Kumasi based Movie production about to introduce to audience in the month of June 2017.

The movie directed by Nana Boakye-Yiadom Kyere-Mensah who is known in the showbiz industry as M.J. The new series aims at HIV awareness, reproductive health, clean and transparent relationship among the youth.Formidable parent-child relationship.
It features young talented High school students

The creative Filmmaker disclosed that the entire cost for the upcoming movie is mind blowing
He again said, The High school Tv series has a massive support from Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana(PPAG), Aid Ghana and Africa Aids awarenes.

In an exclusive interview with Nana Boakye-Yiadom Kyere-Mensah,the director,he said “Tyler Perry is the best director in the world and I aspire to be like him, not only in directing but acting and writing. I have followed him for the past years.
He inspires me with his multitalents; directing, acting, writing etc”.

“To me Ghana has a few directors but I look up to none. If I may settle on one, I guess it may have to be Ivan Quarshiegah for his simple style of acting” the director told

According to the director,door is opened for free participation to all those who desire to be part of the series.

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