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South Africa based artist,Final solution throws shots at Ghanaian artists



Traditionally so called “world music” has had its followers in western countries, providing many African artists opportunities to tour other continents, yet remaining niche artists outside their home markets. Over years, numerous African artist that have made name all over world, P square,Stonebwouy,2Face,Ice Prince, Tekno,Sarkodie, and Davido, to name few. All these artists performing modern music styles to the world. But most popular of them tend to come from Nigeria.

Outspoken South African based Ghanaian musician Final Solution has spate ‘venom’ on Ghanaian artistes,According to him, Ghanaians artists like Sarkodie,Stonebwouy,Bisa Kdei and others are best in Ghana only.

Speaking to,the “your style” hitmaker said he feels demeaned when he discloses to other colleague in South Africa that the above name’s mentioned are the top artists in Ghana.Final Solutions also added that,”Our brothers(Nigerians) are always here(S.A) promoting their singles and albums and building their relationships with their fans outside Nigeria but our own will sit back in Ghana thinking they are all over the world. But dey travel to Europe,USA and perform in front of Ghanaian and African communities claiming dey are international but can’t fill 5000 capacity stadium outside Ghana. Why don’t they first concentrate on the African market first ?”.Final Solution furiously told

Final Solution also revealed that, our artists should learn to interact with their fans outside the country.He said,”interacting with your fans not only keeps them aware of your music, but gives you the artist the opportunity to solidify your relationship with them. Every time a fan makes a comment or asks a question on your blog or through social media, you have the chance to respond and make them feel like they’re an active part of your career. But if you don’t respond, they just might pay more attention to an artist that will.Again meeting them personally also help you the artist which the Nigerians are making it big in S.A because they want to promote their brands.He said,I sometimes personally call some of our artists whose songs are doing well to come but all they will say is God bless you for your support.Final Solution added that,Sarkodie’s “pain killer” is receiving a massive airplay in S.A but the people don’t know who Sarkodie is but he claims to be King in Ghana,said Final Solution.

However,the S.A Based Ghanaian Musician who is currently doing great in the S.A music industry for years is set to release another song which he features Koo Ntakra.

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