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I Have Been Underrated By Bias VGMAs – Gasmilla



Hiplife artist, Odartei Milla Lamptey popularly known as Gasmilla or International Fisherman, says the reason why he’s not been able to win an award at the prestigious Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) is because of an underrating on the part of the organizers.

Speaking to Sokoohemaa on Rainbow Radi 87.5Fm, he said although he has been nominated a couple of times, he has not won an award because of the kind of song he does.
He said his songs always surprise people and for a guy who doesn’t do what the industry calls for; his works are blowing people away.
According to him, it is a calculated attempt by some people to deprive him of what he deserves.

He said, ”I am expected to do A, B, C, D as an artist but I don’t do A, B, C, D. I do it backwards. They feel I have to succumb to the rule or trend in order for me to get nominated but they are not God.’’
He lambasted those he described as people who are in this industry and feels that his type of songs are not up to standard. He indicated that, he’s not in a competition with anybody and will continue to do his best and release hit after hit.
‘’There are people they say can sing- and are on live band. I come and kill the show than those they say quote or unquote, are good.

I am not out here to prove anything…I am doing what I love and I will die doing what I love, end of story. I do not look at anybody. I am not in competition with anybody.
They can drop 700 songs a year I don’t care,’’ he stated. He added if the awards ceremony is indeed for excellence, then D-Cryme should have been nominated this year.

When asked if the awards adds any value to a musician, he had this to say: ”I think it adds value to every artist…Sokoohemaa you’re doing this great show for so long; your children will come and they will hear but they still need proof. That is the proof, that is how I see those awards.
It is not anything that my son can say and tell his children that; when my dad was around the biggest artist in Ghana and wha shows? Nothing…
That is purposely for reference tomorrow. Some win the artist of the year and don’t use it for anything. Others also win and it helps them to move forward.”

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