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2016/2017 Top 10 Eastern Region Artists



1.Tee Rhyme

From the camp of Maskalinx music,I present to you Tee Rhyme the stylish rapper.One of the hard working rappers in the country now.Currently,he is getting airplays on traditional media and views on Youtube and other platforms after releasing “Tafo” which Many are calling on Tiffany to quickly reply to that song because Tee Rhyme diss her in that song.However, his new song “Koomi” is one of the best hip hop songs in the country now.


Exceptional high life and Afro-pop crooner whose vocal abilities is rare broke through last year with “menseida” – a high life jam which he featured Big J cartel.His vocal is piecing even though he sounds like an American.The way he blends twi and the English language makes him exceptional. I hope he will continue the success this year.


After topping chat with his “MIES” song on radio1 fm and other stations, he has won the hearts of the people with his prodigious afro pop. His fastidious delivery, timing, style and somewhat spooky vocal won him attention from music lovers and industry players.Last year, he dropped two fairly hit songs titled “Bie gya” and “May3 k3se”.He has over 5 new singles to release this year. However,he is currently in the studio recording a new song with flowking stone.I hope he will explode this year.

4.Chuku Lion
Many Ghanaian Dancehall musicians fear him due to his vocal prowess. He is the new Dancehall kid on the bloc. His powerful and idiosyncratic talent puts him on top of the lot. He dropped some fairly hit songs last year. They include “click and pose”, “Blessing “which was the most talked about song on social media. Hope he drops more this year because Dude is full of talent.

5.Raky Nova
You can call him the ‘King of Kofcity Music ’. He is an astounding artiste who emerged 7 years after releasing great songsCurrently,he is touring on all radio stations pleading on the behalf of his colleagues for presenters to feature their songs on radio and this makes him special and his ability to blend many local dialects in his delivery. He nailed it on songs like “M3ba”, and “wahyira me” commercial songs which he dropped last year.

Have you heard of Oteniba? YES I mean the Hausa rapper.Oteniba is one of the musician who is making it big in Eastern region. He made mainstream prominence last year when he managed to beat Rashid Metal and couple of guys to win the Best Hausa rapper in Ghana. Hope he repeats history this year because Oteniba is really doing very well.

F9, the ‘dancehall gem’, is currently one of the hottest new dancehall artists in Ghana. His laborious and gruelling dancehall style coupled with commercial hankering ties him to the mainstream lab. After lurking for years, he made his presence known last year,after taking part in the MTN hitmakers reality show. He followed up with another couple of single songs.I understand he has a chunk of tracks and huge collabos with mainstream artistes to drop this year. Hoping he won’t disappoint.

From the camp of Dream Team Entertainment,I present to you the finest Kofcity rapper Dyce.He has constantly proven that he knows the Hip-hop culture and rightly following it. He flawed any rapper that refixed Sarkodie’s “Trumpet” cover and
successfully launched his debut new banger to big ups Dj’s in Eastern Region. I can tell that he will explode this year because Dyce is currently doing great in Eastern region.

Music duo Splitees under the management of MGT Crew after releasing a music video for their song ‘You do everything ‘ directed by Prof K. became one of the household name in the region.The song which produced by Diaz Qlasik helped the music duo to become one of the finedt music duos in the region.However,their song which features Mayoka,Blaq Syrup is making it big in the region.

10.Koo Kyei
Sometimes I don’t get the differences between Koo Kyei songs and the Bisa Kdei songs, I wonder if Koo Kyei relate to any of the High life legends in Ghana.Koo Kyei is one of the hottest high life artist in the region. Just download his new song tittled “baby” which he featured paa Kwasi Dobble and you will know what am talking about.

By Kumi Ransford

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