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Chriss Waddle Under Fire For allegedly ‘Stealing’ Tee Rhyme’s song tittle



The AMG boss is currently in hot water for allegedly stealing Tee Rhyme the stylish rapper’s “Bokoor de3” song.

The term ‘Bokor De3’ is a jargon that has become popular in some suburbs of Accra,Kofcity and all social media platforms.This term is said to mean asking someone how life is going on.

As expected in music, two Ghanaian acts,Chris Waddle and Tee Rhyme the stylish rapper have recorded a song with the same title ‘Bokoor de3’.

Tee Rhyme the stylish rapper last year,after releasing the song released a live studio session of the song which features Cabum. In the video,Cabum and Tee Rhyme assures their fans of how wonderful the song would be.

Few weeks this year,Criss Waddle has also released a song with the same title ‘Bokorr de3’.which is currently receiving a massive airplay on radio.

However,fans of Tee Rhyme are in an uproar over Chriss Waddle’s song tittle.Some fans Tee Rhyme are tweeting and posting stuffs accusing Chriss Waddle for stealing Tee Rhyme’s song tittle.

The puzzle that is yet to be solved is, who outsmarted who or it should be said that it was mere coincidence.

Listen to Tee Rhyme’s version

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