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The numbers of activities for secular musicians are always above what is experience in the gospel world and this brings more questions than answers as to what might be going wrong.

Not too long ago, some event organizers were giving us gospel related concerts even on higher scale levels at venues such as the Accra Sports stadium, the National theatre and the Accra international conference centre. Most of these concerts were headlined by major gospel artistes who have graced our platforms with powerful performance and hits.
Shockingly, whether by design or accident most of these shows have never tasted life again and the artistes are minding their own business.

Flex newspaper in an interview with Vodafone Ghana music award nominee Mabel Okyere, who is currently one of the names to mention when it comes to gospel in the country said, ’though some organizations put up gospel events, it cannot be compared to the ones that the secular artistes play. The secular artistes play more shows and charges more than we the gospel artistes. I stand to be corrected but the top ten highest paid Ghanaian musicians are all secular artistes. They get more support from companies, media and other stakeholders anytime they want to put up a show.

In our quest to find out why most of these concerts are failing, Mabel said’ organizers are scared of losing their investment that is why they don’t take delight in organizing gospel concerts or events. My biggest problem is about churches not coming together to organize events at different venues apart from their churches. If Pastors or churches can organize events at spacious auditorium like National Theatre or Accra International Conference Centre it will really help the gospel artiste the fraternity as a whole.

When asked about her Vodafone Ghana music awards nomination at the gospel song of the year category with her song ‘Mewo Jesus’, Mabel said’’ every nominee is a potential winner, so I WILL SAY CONGRATULATIONS TO NACEE FOR WINNING

Dan Lartey

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