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Theme: “Projecting the Cultural Beauty of Northern Ghana”

Concept Note

1. Introduction

Face of the North Beauty Pageant is the first beauty pageant of its kind in Northern Ghana. Whereas there have been several regional or district-based pageants during festive occasions, this is the first pageant that will have participation broadly from the three Northern regions. It is also the first that will be televised live on a regional TV station. What is even more unique about it is the fact that the public will have the opportunity of participating through SMS voting. This is meant to ensure transparency in the process of selecting a winner.

The proposed date for the event is July 1, 2017.

2. Objectives

a. To project the culture of Northern Ghana to the rest of the world.
b. To promote tourism in Northern Ghana.
c. To encourage girls from Northern Ghana to take education seriously.
d. To build the confidence of young girls in Northern Ghana.
e. To give an opportunity to young girls in Northern Ghana to exhibit their skills and talents.

3. Prizes to be won

– First Prize: Moto bike
– Second Prize: 1500
– Third Prize
: 1000

4. Selection/Audition of Contestants
Auditions will be held in the three Northern capitals of Tamale, Bolgatanga and Wa. The competition is open to all fresh Senior High School (SHS) graduates from the three Northern regions.
5. Grooming of contestants

The contestants who are selected from the auditions will be housed in a hotel facility and groomed for 4 weeks before the event will begin. The grooming will include public speaking skills, modeling, dancing, singing etc.
6. Weekly Shows

Every Saturday, the contestants will have the opportunity of performing live in the presence of an audience (studio guests). The performances will include mostly an exhibition of the skills they learn during the grooming: recitals, dancing, singing, playacting, modeling etc.

7. Panel of Judges

There will a five-member panel of judges instituted to assess the performances of the contests and select a winner. This will be complemented by the votes the contestants receive from the general public.

8. Voting

In order to encourage public participation, viewers of the show will have the opportunity to vote for who will stay and who will be evicted.

9. Evictions
Once the competition starts, there will be evictions every week until the last three who will contest for the prestigious crown in a grand finale.
10. Side Attraction

– Young and upcoming musicians will have the opportunity to perform during the weekly programmes and also during the grand finale.

– Advertisers will have the opportunity of reaching their target in Northern Ghana.

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