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Do Not Insult Eastern Music Awards Organisers-Raky Nova



For the past few days,around the time where some artistes were named to perform at Eastern Music Awards launch, there were arguments and debate on social media platforms by some furious musicians on why some particular artistes were picked over others.I wondered why that should be an issue?

King of Kofcity Music,Raky Nova, has in an exclusive interview with , described the Eastern Music Awards (EMA) as the pride of the Eastern music industry.

In the interview, he said even though the award scheme has issues and some of my colleagues are complaining about these issues,i think they should leave them to work,it happens in all the big awards in Ghana, let’s pray that Eastern Music Awards will recognise artistes’ works and enriches their brands in the rregion.


“No matter how one thinks,Eastern Music Awards is going to be the pride of the music industry from my point of view” Raky Nova told

Speaking about what he would suggest to be done to spruce up the EMA,Raky Nova indicated that he would suggest the organisers listen to the people on the streets and also try as much as they can to meet the Artistes that they are going to work with.

“They should try to put their ears to the ground and listen to the people on the street and make our award as credible as they can. I know there are issues everywhere but they should try to minimise them but my colleagues should stop insulting them,” Raky Nova  intimated.

Kumi Ransford

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