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I’m the Only Dancehall Artist In Eastern Region,The Rest are ‘Sankwas’-Pyno Marble



One of the finest Eastern Region’s dancehall act,Pyno Marble signed on damcity empire has stated that he is the only artiste who does proper dancehall music in Eastern region.

In an exclusive interview with, Pyno Marble revealed that, “I’m the only proper dancehall/reggae artiste in the region. So anything I release should be considered as dancehall or reggae music. Period! All those claiming to be Kings of Eastern dancehall are ‘Sankwas’.Pyno Marble told

However,Calmzy added that,“Sometimes, it’s not about the lyrics and content that qualifies a song as dancehall So all I know is am the best dancehall artist in Eastern region ,” he said.

This is what Pyno Marble posted

“When it comes to Eastern Music, Reggae/Dancehall Artiste there is no one than this name *Pyno Marble* the rest are sankwas trust me”