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Stop Claiming For Tittles-Qweku Lucid to Kofcity Artistes



Annor Isaac Simpeh popularly known in the music industry as Qweku Lucid of “Naaden music empire” has caught the attention of people with his talent and great songs—Songs from Qweku Lucid has enjoyed observable superiority over any of the recent works of the other artistes in Eastern region.

Qweku Lucid has taken time to master his craft, giving music lovers a good taste of music, made in Ghana. He have tracks such as Money, Donkomi, Wo Kum Me, Love, Helina etc.
Artistes in Kofcity have started blowing their own horns and claiming to be Kings in Eastern Region in the likes of Pyno Marble, etc.This is what Qweku Lucid said

“All the artistes in Eastern Region especially Koforidua are claiming to be Kings but I wonder why they are calling themselves KINGS. I want to say to them that , they are kings in their own houses. Where have they reached and what do they have( in music) to write home about?…… the fact that you dey rap or do music for your town corner doesn’t make you a King but rather village champion but not kings. Its better they stop the bragging and compared themselves to outside artistes.” – Qweku Lucid

Qweku Lucid caution these artistes to work hard to be part of the main stream artistes than to be praising their selves. Hard works pays.