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You are just stupid -A-Plus shockingly tells Kofi Adams



Kofi Adams,National Organiser for the National Democratic Congress
National Democratic Congress Organiser Kofi Adams has just been dragged through the deepest part of the gutters by A-Plus.


The Ghanaian musician decided to rain “insults” on the politicians for defending Ibrahim Mahama in the dud cheques scandal.
According to A-plus, Kofi Adam holds the key to the discovery of what makes a man stupid and must be captured by scientists and used as a lab rat so this discovery is made.

“As for Kofi Adams, they have to put his brain in a science lab and use it to teach children what makes a man stupid,” the irate musician fumed.
Fuming in a Facebook post, the musician couldn’t understand why Kofi Adams and the National Democratic Congress would jump to the defense of Ibrahim Mahama for issuing 44 dud cheques to government.