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Top 8 Best Dancehall Musicians In Eastern Region




The flag barrirr of Dammad Entertainment,Chuku Lion has revived reggae dancehall in Eastern region.Many people have learnt the real lessons of life through some of his songs like ‘Blessings’.I think he deserves to be the best and I thank all those who voted for him.


Blaq Nacha Ranks has the most hits in dancehall and that’s a fact, no dancehall artist in Eastern region has dominated the industry for as long as he did and is still doing even from behind bars and the fact he writes all his songs himself is just incredible, all of the artist on this list had or have ghost writers and they still haven’t put out as much hits as the great Blaq Nacha Ranks.


Blaq Syrup took Dancehall music to another level in the region,he got a special voice,a great energetic flow and a great sense of melody.He is one of the artiste with clean lyrics in Eastern region.The best so far from Kofcity and to the world, voice clarity, mad raga flows and sweet melody’s

4. F9

HLF9 has hit after hit and has the biggest influence over Eastern region than any of these artists ever had because of his participation in the annual MTN hitmaker show.F9 is really the king of dancehall new in Asamankese and it environs.Ghanaians should watch out for this guy.


The most versatile artist in the dancehall game is Kojo Seigo, unfortunately for him,financial difficulties has hindered his career from reaching its full potential.Kojo Seigo possibly has the most successful dancehall career within Kofcity and Eastern region as a whole.


Kasiebo is believed to be the heir to the throne of dancehall after couple of guys paved way.He is on his way to become the king of dancehall in Eastern region.Kasiebo brought an exception in the reggae dancehall music and Ghanaians should watch out for this guy.


He stay current, where a lot of artist has fallen off. He still finds hits and his stage performance and presence is second to none in Eastern region. He also had mainstream success and still stayed relevant on radio.
Great Artist and performer, he is a down to earth guy.


Pyno Marble is one of the most controversial dancehall artist in the region .He is one of the best of all time. he contributed by far the most to dancehall and is still doing so.
talent wise none can.Aside his controversies,he has never used auto tune. none can perform like him.

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