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My Wedding Is Better Than Ohemaa Woyeje’s Wedding-Ansa Sasraku



Some radio presenters outside the Greater Accra Region are doing marvelously well but have not been in the limelight. A presenter of that ilk is Ansa Sasraku of Oda-based radio station Biyac 94.1 FM.

Host of the finest drive time show in Eastern region, Ansa Sasraku, has cautioned the host of ‘Work and Happiness’ on Adom 106.3 FM, Ohemaa Woyeje to stop disturbing Ghanaians on social media with her wedding pictures.

In an exclusive interview with congratulating him after his wedding on 2 May, 2017, he said,currently “I am enjoying some holidays with my wife but one thing bothering me is the way Ohemaa Woyeje is disturbing with her wedding pictures on social media. I think she is inviting enemies to her marriage thus involving her tongue-lashers to her marriage. I am surprised she is doing that. Even me kraa my wedding is far better than her wedding but I am not disturbing with my pictures”, Ansa Sasraku told

However, controversial Ansah Sasraku was on the 8th of March in the news after stating emphatically that he is far better than Sammy Flex on radio.

Ansah Sasraku for the past seven years in radio has carved a niche for himself working with almost all the big radio stations in Eastern region.

Enjoy some pictures of Ansa Sasraku wedding and do your comparism.

Kumi Ransford